Into the Heath. London 1921. Sold!

This is an original handmade shadow box complete with a glass front and frame. It is finished in a dark satin stain and has been fitted with brass screws and an antique toggle switch, and powered by a 9v adapter.

The model depicts a worn cobbled street framed by a mossy brick wall descending into The Heath. To the right you will notice a King George V Royal Mail mounted postbox.
The soft flickering of a street lamp shows the way but after that you must find your own way through The Heath.

This is what the box interior physically depicts. Only by curiosity and study will you fully realise that the unfathomable has more power here than the physical dimension.
All of my work in this series is inspired by the art of storytelling through unconventional illustration.
The box is backlit with (replaceable) LED lights behind complex layers of scenery and atmosphere to create a lifelike and almost moving environment. This Box also features a flickering LED (also replaceable).

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